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Website Design Service entails designing the "Look & Feel" of websites.

Layout of pages and posts on a website to make businesses, organizations, or whoever attractively seen by viewers.


    • I create WordPress websites.
    • We decide on a website theme (template that dictates how the site functions). 
    • Client gives me an idea of their "look & feel" by describing the style, color scheme, etc...We discuss a website theme (template that dictates how the site functions).  
    • Client provides all text content and images.  Have a brand logo?  Great!  If not, let's talk.
    • By this time, I'll have a better idea how much is necessary on my part and be able to estimate the time needed to build your site.  Then we talk $$$. 
    • I will construct a WordPress website.  
    • I can either be hired to maintain the website for you, or you can take over the website "in house", where someone on your end maintains and updates posts.  
    • I offer free tutorial sessions (up to 3 hours) to teach someone at your organization how to update and maintain the website.  Or for a fee (to be determined once we discuss the scope of your needs) I will make updates and add content as needed.
    • Note: I do not specialize in optimizing websites to rank high in search engines.  I can include basic descriptions for the pages and posts.  SEO companies for hire can do that, but it's not my thing.

MoreSun Custom Woodworking, Inc.

I designed this website to promote my husband's timber frame business.

MoreSun Designs Websites

I designed these websites based on Virtue template, which is a highly customizable WordPress template.


Tell me what kind of website you want.
Do you have an example of a
website you like? Email me that URL.

    Wondering..."What would MoreSun Designs need from me?"

    • ​Photos - digital photographs that can be used to promote you on each page and post of the website
    • Content: text you want used on pages and posts throughout the website
    • Logo (I you don't already have a working logo, I can design one as an add-on service)

    How do we get started?

      1. To get started, the domain name needs to be registered.  (If you don't already have your domain name registered, I can do it as an add-on service)
      2. You need a web hosting company.  (I can set this up if you don't already have a web host.  This is considered an add-on service. Many web hosts will work fine, as long as they allow "Wordpress Installs".
      3. Who will be your "Webmaster" once the site is designed and launched on the internet?  Is there someone in the organization that can learn how to maintain & update the site once it's going?  Depending on your websites needs, I might be willing to provide ongoing services (for a monthly fee).