MoreSun Custom Woodworking, Inc.

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I built this website for my husband's timber frame company.  

This is a WordPress website designed using Virtue template.  It has slider images like the ones shown above.  

​This is an example of a website I designed where someone within the company took it and ran with it.  I spent weeks designing and organizing content on the website.  It has lots of pages, posts and photo galleries.  Once the website went live, I provided 3 hours of tutorial sessions to MoreSun's office manager/marketing person.  She didn't realize she was computer savvy, but she was a quick and enthusiastic learner!  She can now access the website and add content whenever she wants.  She loves having the ability to make changes and update the website on her schedule without having to pay me to do it for her.  She adds weekly blog posts that link to their facebook page.  She just did a quarterly newsletter for the company and handles linking website posts to their pinterest, houzz, and twitter accounts also. 

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