Can Flowers

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Blooming!I pursued my dream of turning trash into treasure…at least in my mind.Last summer I delved into Pinterest and was inspired to make yard art out of metal cans. I became obsessed with salvaging cans.It took about 65 hours, but I cut … Continued


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MoreSun Designs is a one-woman show starring Chanda Morrison. I’m Chanda, the one creating this website. This is a brand new website–not the greatest example of my talents–but a way for me to display what I’ve done.I design websites, produce … Continued

Lunatic Apparel website

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I designed this WordPress website for my friend Mary Collins to promote her hobby sewing business.She paid me to design the website and I showed her how to make changes as needed.  


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I design fliers and images to use in various ways online.   They can be saved for print or to use on the web.Event Flier Examples: Two versions of same event: Postcards: Front… Backside… Different versions…

Mountain Lakes CVB blog site

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This was a blog site I designed for Mountain Lakes Convention & Visitors Bureau.  I was pleased with how this WordPress website turned out. It is still live on the internet, but the organization no longer maintains this site.    Even though the … Continued

Club Website

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I designed and maintain this website for the Long Creek Community Club.  This website is pretty basic and is still in the design phase.  It has a Donate button connected to PayPal.

Oconee Heritage Center

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I revamped the Oconee Heritage Museum website in 2015.  They paid me a set fee and I designed the website.  I provided 2 hours of tutorial service and taught them how to: edit, maintain, add events and update pages. This is … Continued

Website Design

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Website Design Service entails designing the “Look & Feel” of websites.Layout of pages and posts on a website to make businesses, organizations, or whoever attractively seen by viewers. How?I create WordPress websites.We decide on a website theme (template that dictates how … Continued

Community Newsletter

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This is an example of a community focused newsletter I produce for Long Creek, South Carolina to promote happenings in the area.  This newsletter is done through MailChimp email marketing service.  I manage the subscriber list which includes people from the local … Continued