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Promotional Material

I design websites, produce online newsletters & email campaigns, manage email databases, create logos & fliers, set up online event listings & integrate them with websites, post on social media, and more.  

I free lance for Mountain Lakes Convention & Visitors Bureau producing monthly newsletters promoting recreation & tourism in Oconee County, SC. 

I welcome additional part time work with flexible hours, to be done in a remote setting.

If you have something going on in your scene, I can help announce it and get it seen by your audience.Consider me if you have need of web promotion services.

Web Services


Chanda Morrison photo

MoreSun Designs is a sole proprietorship owned and operated by Chanda Morrison.

Over the years the "Designs" aspect has evolved.  It once was a hobby sewing business, where I sewed home decor and clothing accessories.  These days my design focus entails promoting the local area and helping businesses and organizations get their scenes seen.    

I have an office space in the Oconee Business Center in Walhalla, South Carolina.  I love seeing small towns bustling with activity and want to help businesses thrive.  I'm especially enthusiastic about new merchants & businesses coming to downtown Walhalla!  I seek to find clients who would benefit from my promotional media services.

I live in Mountain Rest near Long Creek, South Carolina. My husband, Stephen Morrison, owns MoreSun Custom Woodworking, Inc., which builds traditional timber frame structures and custom wooden furnishings.  (The work they do is really cool...check it out!)  We have three terrific daughters who are 13, 12 and 6 years old.  

My active pursuits include: swimming, whitewater rafting, hiking, gardening and healthy cooking. 

I volunteer my time in several ways:  

  • I'm on the Oconee County Public Library Board of Trustees
  • Publicity Chair for a new organization Gateway Arts Center, in Westminster, SC
  • I'm the past-president (and current member) of the Long Creek Community Club
  • I produce a semi-monthly newsletter called More Sunny Scene that promotes happenings in the Long Creek area

I'm a creative person who sews and makes functional and artistic objects out of fabric and recycled items.  
My latest hobby is making decorative flowers out of recycled cans.  Check them out CAN FLOWERS.